Tom and Tonya Yonge - Belgravia

James doesn't just talk about issues. He does something about them. He has a track record of rolling up his sleeves and becoming an active part of the solution. Our ward needs someone who doesn't just vote the right way but is prepared to take leadership to put issues on the agenda.  He is absolutely our choice on October 16th!

Les & Stephanie Wold – Bonnie Doon

James has a passion for community and has been a tremendous champion of community initiatives in the Ward 8 neighbourhoods where he has lived.  Ward 8 would be in good hands with James as our representative.


Vicky Archer - Capilano

James understands the unique nature of mature neighbourhoods and will be a strong voice to help maintain the character of our communities.  We need him on City Council.


Moon & Keith Trueman - Cloverdale

James is humble, has common sense and is an extremely capable individual.  He will be a great asset in addressing and representing the interests of our ward.  He’s got our vote!



Audrey Lowe – Holyrood

James is passionate about our city, having involved himself in community building for over two decades. Engaged and experienced, I want him as my City Council representative.


Allison Barber & Craig O’Connor – Ottewell

James is a very dedicated and hard-working teacher, parent, and active community member. He loves this city, has an amazing work ethic, and a drive and determination that will make him a fantastic representative and strong voice for Ward 8.


Barrie Chivers – Strathcona

I have known James for over 25 years and he is exactly the type of consensus builder we need to represent us at City Hall—a strong voice with the courage and conviction to speak up for what is best for the entire community.