Experience.  Dedication.  Engagement.

James has experience working at both the provincial and municipal levels of government.  Having worked at City Hall for three years in the 1990s, he has an intimate knowledge of how city government operates.  In fact, he played a small role in getting the city to initially adopt BusLink to provide transit commuters an easily accessible information system.  

James has been a dedicated member of his community and of his profession.  He has worked to improve his communities of Bonnie Doon and Strathearn, as well as the city as a whole through efforts ranging from cleaning up Mill Creek Ravine to spearheading new streetlights in Strathearn.  James has also won teaching awards, which illustrate his tremendous dedication to his students and professional responsibilities.  Ultimately, a strong belief in community is the driving force that has prompted James to run for city council.  He believes that community engagement is a vital component of the planning and development process, and he is dedicated to ensuring that residents in mature neighbourhoods are given a stronger voice in influencing the types of development that take place in the communities of Ward 8.